Our Life

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How do we pray? The Eucharistic Liturgy and its extension, the Liturgy of the Hours are basic prayers that form our daily schedule. Feeding this structure are the periods set aside for contemplative prayer and spiritual reading, i.e., the reading of Sacred Scripture and other devotional books, and study.

Still, this isn’t the whole picture. What we do all day, whether it is work to help support ourselves, the upkeep of the house and common life, walking for exercise, leisure activities, or the times of prayer, it is all prayer. Each action of our lives, when it is done for the glory of God, is part of our life of prayer.

Prayer and Community are the two mainstays of our life as Poor Clares. They are like two pillars upon which everything else rests; without one the other would not stand, the whole structure would fall. Therefore, to speak of prayer it is necessary to understand that our life of prayer is possible because we live in community with others who challenge and support us. Together we are able to live a life of prayer.

A Gospel Life

Franciscans are called evangelical. This means they follow the rule of the Gospel in contrast to following or imitating the life of the apostles. Franciscans daily read about and reflect on the person of Jesus.

The third article in the Poor Clare constitutions reads: “Life according to the perfection of the holy Gospel, which constitutes the special character of our Order, is for Francis and Clare the very person of Jesus Christ himself, who called us and left us the command to live according to his memory.”

The Form of Life of the Poor Sisters is this.

To observe the Hoy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Living in Obedience. Living without anything of one's own. Living in chastity. Living in a community as sisters.